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 Get a 2-week supply of your emergency supplies ready.
 Make your Hurricane Kit portable if you live in an evacuation zone.
 Gather supplies for children, the elderly, & disabled persons.
 Keep supplies on hand in your safe room.
Hurricane Kit: (2-week supply)
 Battery-operated alarm clock
 Baby food, diapers, formula
 Battery-operated radio & TV
 Enough batteries for radio, TV, & flashlights, for several days
 Blankets & pillows
 Bleach (no lemon or additives)
 Butane lighter
 Canned & dry food
 Cans, gas, & oil
 Cash, credit cards
 Cellular phone
 Change of clothes for everyone in the family
 Cooler for water
 Drivers license
 Eating & cooking utensils
 Emergency cooking facilities (grill or camp stove)
 Extra pet food
 Fire extinguisher
 First Aid Kit
 Flashlights (one for everyone in the family)
 Fuel up the car
 Gas for grill (fill tank)
 Gloves & goggles
 Glasses or contact lenses
 Heavy shoes
 Important phone numbers
 Insurance information
 Medicines & prescriptions
 Non-electric can opener
 Pots & pans
 Portable cooler
 Sleeping bags
 Soap, shampoo, & toiletries
 Toilet paper & towelettes
 Toys for children
 Valuable papers
 Water purification tablets
 Water, 14 gallons per person
Clean up & Repair Supplies:
 Axes (hand)
 Bars (wrecking & crow)
 Brooms (corner)
 Camera & film to record any damage
 Caulk & caulking guns
 Chain (steel)
 Chain saw & special fuels, hand saws, pruners
 Cleaning supplies, disinfectant
 Duct tape & masking tape
 Drills (various)
 Extension cords (heavy-duty with 3 prongs)
 Hammers, hatchets
 Heavy plastic & tarps
 Hurricane shutters
 Inflatable raft
 Lanterns & extra fuel
 Life preservers
 Lumber, masonite, plywood
 Mosquito netting & repellent
 Nails, screws, bolts
 Pails & buckets
 Plastic trash bags (many)
 Rakes & shovels
 Rope (100 feet)

Copyright Reprinted with permission.

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