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Pet Links
Below you'll find an extensive selection of informative pet websites :-).

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Dog Links
  • American Kennel Club Online: This site is dedicated to pure-bred dogs & responsible dog ownership since 1884. They strive to "maintain a registry for purebred dogs and preserve its integrity; to sanction dog events that promote interest in, and sustain the process of, breeding for type and function of purebred dogs. In addition, check out their list of registered breeds; find out about registering your pure-bred; subscribe to their "Gazette"; keep up on news & dog shows; read some of their informative articles & tips. Visit their Kids Corner (see next site).
  • AKC-Kids' Corner: When you visit this section of The American Kennel Club, you'll find a newsletter dedicated to educating elementary school children about responsible dog ownership. Play "Name that Breed"; Find out answers to interesting questions; do a crossword puzzle; and take a fun quiz!
  • Digital Dog: Visit this site for dog stories; how to choose a dog; articles; & more.
  • Search their database of dog-related information in many categories; play games; shop online; discussion group & message board on i-dog.
  • Dog of the Day: Every day they present a new dog photo and story to try to illustrate how animals enrich the lives of people around the world; nominate your dog!
  • Dogs Online Magazine (UK): Dog related articles; news & views; breeders; product manufacturers & specialists; directories of kennels; dog clubs; animal-friendly hotels & Accommodations.
  • Dog Owner's Guide: Large listing of articles, including topics on choosing a breed & breeder; food & nutrition; manners & training; kids & dogs; behavior & aggression; health & veterinary information; & more!
  • Dog World Magazine: Dog World Online, the dog lover's Internet source for breeds, training, nutrition, behavior and show information about man's best friend; bulletin board; question & answer section.
  • Iditarod 1999 Veterinary Corner: Veterinarians for the sled dogs gather important data for clinical research for certain health problems of the about them here! Also learn about the history of the Iditarod; previous champions; read the journal of Zuma, a sled dog; & more.
  • i-dog: Internet discussion group & message board; chat; free member pages.
  • Incredible Dog Food, Incredible Dogs: There's more than dog food at this Purina site...Try out their breed category & selector to search for the perfect dog; learn how to care for your dog; Receive a free puppy care kit; keep up to date with dog events, & more.
  • Jack Flash's Homepage/Home of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group: Find support for owners of dogs who are diagnosed with this incurable disease. A very heartwarming and glorious tribute to a best friend ;-).
  • Pro Dog Networks: Dog breeders; dog merchandise; professional handlers; dog stories & photos; dog organizations; breed database; & health links.
  • The Poop: Expert advice; dogs on film; rescue & adoption arena; events in your area; message boards; photo contests, & more!
  • The Senior Dogs Project: "Documents the strong, loving bonds that people have with their older dogs; encourages the adoption of older dogs; and provides current information on the special care that older dogs need so that they and their human companions may fully enjoy their golden years."
  • TravelDog: Search this site by state to find accomodations for traveling with your dog. Email their exclusive travel agent and give them your itinerary. They'll find you unique accommodations like cabins, B&B's, a beach house,or vacations resorts; locate "doggie daycares"; dog camps; products & more!
  • Virtual Dog: Adopt a virtual dog for free!
  • Woofs Magazine: "Ask Cindy" column; dog shelters & rescue organizations listed by state; large listing of topics & articles, including health & nutrition; products & services; training & behavior; fun & entertainment; photo gallery; book reviews; dog show info; & more!

Cat Links

  • Beware of Cat!: Huge listing of cat-related graphics; send a kitty postcard; cat & pet links; find a name for your cat; cat tips; & more.
  • Cat Fanciers: Information on cats & cat care; mailing list; cat breed descriptions; cat shows, club, & shelter information; breeder referral list; large list of resources; & more.
  • Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA): This organization is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats. Find information on cat shows; cat breeds; cat care; and keep up with the lastest news at the CFA.
  • Cat Fancy: This online version of the magazine is full of information - read cat news & find out about shows; view their gallery of cats; read breed descriptions; purchase cat-care products; "kiddy kats" page for kids; cat stories; links to many cat health & disease informational sites; & more.
  • catmanDrew!: Drew Strouble creates original cat art...browse over 100 of his watercolors, or commission Drew to do a portrait of your cat!
  • Catnames: Can't think of a name for your cat? Visit this site that hosts over 6,700 names to date!
  • Cat of the Day: Every day they present a new dog photo and story to try to illustrate how animals enrich the lives of people around the world; nominate your cat!
  • Cats Magazine: Among their features...articles; chat; picture of the month; links.
  • Cats Protection League: This organization is the oldest and largest cat charity in the UK; they're primarily a rescue organisation. Topics at their site care; The Kitten Club (for youngsters); cat news; and you can request one of their care guides that are written by university-based veterinary scholars and other experts who ensure information is up-to-date and covers topics of interest to most cat owners.
  • Cornell Feline Health Center: Their commitment is to improve the health and welfare of cats by developing programs and activities to find ways of preventing & curing diseases of cats; continually educating veterinarians & cat owners about feline health; and aiding veterinarians when new or unknown feline diseases occur.
  • PetCat: Read about cat care; cat facts; cat food & nutrition; create a virtual cat; send "kitty cards"; & check out some fun stuff.
  • Purina Cats: Read about breeds; nutrition; training & behavior; health & grooming; & more.
  • The International Cat Association: The TICA is the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats and household pets. They are committed to the promotion, protection, and preservation of both pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats.
  • Tidy Cats: This site by Ralston Purina Company, has cat care information; cat facts; articles; & more.


  • Especially Ferrets, Inc.: Their mission is to "ensure the safety and well-being of all ferrets. To rehabilitate the sick and injured, and stay until the end for with those who are dying". Ferret information.
  • Ferret Central: This site has a large listing of ferret-related links.
  • House Rabbit Society & Rabbit Care Guide: This non-profit organization rescues rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care. Learn how to care for your rabbit, what toys & housing to provide, medical advice, & more!
  • Modern Ferret - The Ferret Lifestyle Magazine: This is a bi-monthly color magazine for ferret owners by ferret owners. They provide "ferret-oriented entertainment such as interviews and articles about movies, tricks, photography, traveling, pet care, new products, and more. They also serve as a forum for presenting the latest medical information about ferrets - on both the veterinary and pet-owner levels".
  • Proper Care of Ferrets.: Read about a ferrets' proper care, from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, PC.
  • Proper Care of Guinea Pigs: Read about a guinea pig's proper care, from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, PC.
  • Proper Care of Hamsters: Read about a hamster's proper care, from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, PC.
  • Proper Care of Rabbits: Read about a rabbit's proper care, from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, PC.
  • Rabbits Only Magazine: This magazine covers all topics of interest to the rabbit enthusiast. Find articles; connect with others in their chat room & forums; & more.
  • ShowBunny Web Site: This site hosts a comprehensive source of information concerning all areas of rabbit care. Chatroom; message boards; games; how to care for your rabbit; gallery of breeds; humor; breeder directory; classified ads; & more!
  • Tiger Information Center: A site dedicated to preserving the last 5 subspecies of tigers, this website describes all about the different types of tigers, including where they live, how many are left, and also discusses the three subspecies that have become extinct; Kid's area & more!


  • Acme Pet: Huge resource of information for owners of dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, reptiles, & exotics. Pet care; pet behavior; message boards; chat; classifieds; & other news.
  • Equestrian Times: Your "one-stop source on the Internet for all the latest news, competition results, & information about international Show Jumping, Dressage and Three-Day Eventing, from the US, Europe, and around the world.
  • HorseNet: Horse news; training; discussion forums & chat rooms; "ask the vet" VetBarn section; classifieds; newsletters; much more!
  • The Horse Group: A wonderful site with great articles & news, events calendar, horses for sale, & more!
  • The Horse Interactive: Your Online Guide to Equine Health Care: Health care information; news and notes from the veterinary and horse industries; Articles from the current issue of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care.
  • Frogland: This popular site hosts a LOT of fun & informative facts about frogs; guides to diet, housing, and habits of popular species of pet frogs; frog health information; printable coloring book frogs; computer frogs; frog jokes; links; frog songs; frog shop; & more!
  • Jackson's Chameleons: Information on the captive care and management of chameleons as well as general facts.
  • Petfinder: Search for pets to adopt, contact shelters and rescue groups, make use of their resource library, post a classified ad, volunteer for your local shelter, and more.
  • Reptile Chat Rooms: Snake Room; Lizard Room; Amphibian Room; Turtle/Tortoise Room.

Veterinary Medicine

  • Animal Library: The Animal Health Care Resource of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association. Numerous fact sheets on pet health.
  • Animal Network: Leading publisher of magazines and annuals about pets. Article index from their many magazines; calendar of events; check out the newest products for your pet!
  • Humane Society of the United States: This is the United States' largest animal-protection organization; they work to "promote the humane treatment of animals and to foster respect, understanding, and compassion for all creatures". Their programs include those in humane education, wildlife and habitat protection, farm animals and bioethics, companion animals, and animal research issues.
  • Pet of the Day: Every day they present a new pet photo and story to try to illustrate how animals enrich the lives of people around the world; nominate your pet (birds, bunnies, cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, iguanas, lizards, mice, ponies, snakes, turtles, and more!).
  • Tiger Territory: Visit this site to view numerous photos and read informative articles on these magnificent creatures.
  • AltVetMed - Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine: Homeopathy information & directory; FAQ; medical care & cancer management information; alternative resources, & more!
  • Care for Pets: This site by the American Veterinary Medical Association, brings many topics to their Internet website, including animal health; pet loss; buying a pet; animal safety; veterinarian help; stories; & many other resources.
  • ASPCA/NAPCC-National Animal Poison Control Center: This is the only animal-oriented poison control center in North America. Animal Product Safety Service; how to prevent poisoning & what to do if an animal is poisoned. It is a "unique, emergency hotline providing 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week telephone assistance. The Center's hotline veterinarians can quickly answer questions about toxic chemicals, dangerous plants, products or substances found in our everyday surroundings that can prove poisonous or fatal to animals". Cost for service.
  • Healthy Pet: Brought to you by the American Animal Hospital Association, this site has a hospital locator; kids coloring page; pet care library; newsletter; & book recommendations.
  • VetInfo-Veterinary Medical Information: They provide veterinary health information relating to dogs and cats. They have an extensive collection of information online in their Dog Health Information and Cat Health Information pages; subscribe to their Vetinfo Digest and gain access to Dr. Mike's question & answer page.






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