Jupiter Parents | Press Release: Elementary School Host Forward-Thinking After-School Program

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Elementary School Host Forward-Thinking After-School Program


September 25, 2003, Jupiter, Florida - Jupiter Academy has announced that it will be expanding its offering of an after-school academic enrichment program for Jupiter’s brightest and most talented students. The classes will be taught by instructors from IMACS, the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science based in Plantation, Florida and will now include courses available to all area students in grades K-5.

Says Jupiter Academy Principal Lisa Chitty, “Quite simply, IMACS provides the best mathematics enrichment program available, developed and taught by instructors who literally wrote the book on the subject.”

For many years, IMACS instructors taught the Broward County Public School’s math program for highly gifted students, called Project MEGSSS. Based in the Nova schools in Davie, Florida, the IMACS program received worldwide recognition for its curriculum development effort which allowed bright students to progress quickly to college-level mathematics. When public funding for the project expired in 1993, IMACS became a private institute offering classes after school and on weekends. IMACS has recently expanded to Palm Beach County due to an overwhelming demand from those who had experienced the IMACS program firsthand.

“We’ve been teaching South Florida’s best students for over 20 years, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our program at Jupiter Academy to all local residents,” says IMACS of Palm Beach Director, Jeff Piskun. Currently, IMACS teaches mathematics and computer science to over 1000 students in grades K through 12 throughout South Florida.

Local parents are thrilled with the program. Robin and Rebecca Tozzie had attended IMACS after-school classes in Coconut Creek. Their parents, Rick and Mona Tozzie, are delighted that they no longer need to make the forty-five minute drive on Saturdays. “Robin and Rebecca love their IMACS classes and look forward to them every week”, says Rick, whose daughters attend IMACS classes at Jupiter Academy.

Says IMACS Director Dr. Ted Sweet, “IMACS mathematics classes can make a huge difference to a student’s life. Bright young minds need to be challenged, and no other program does that more consistently than IMACS.” Dr. Sweet should know – he is himself a product of the IMACS mathematics program. After working as a research mathematician for Bell Labs, Dr. Sweet joined the continuing Curriculum Development group at IMACS. “The kids in Jupiter have an opportunity to advance their understanding as far as they are able to go,” he says.

Students attending IMACS typically attend one to two hours per week depending on their age and ability level. IMACS offers free demonstration classes for interested students and parents. For more information call IMACS at 561/750-7805 or visit the IMACS website.

For more information please contact: Jeff Piskun, 561/750-7805.


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